To finish off the year, here’s my final mix – this one mixes a couple of my fav tracks of the moment and features plenty of awesome basslines – if you haven’t got a decent sound rig, you’ll need one to appreciate this bad boy.

Just for something a little different to fill a bit of spare time on a Sunday, I’ve thrown a quick mix together. Based on a completely random set of tracks I’d pretty much not heard before, and with no editing, and just based on a first take in a far less than optimal setup… anyhow, it’s a mix of some classic Trance tracks and a little Progressive House and sun-kissed Ibiza numbers. Hope you enjoy 🙂




Feeling a little lost without something to stomp to during the week? Wondered what Hard Dance is like? Fear not – in this mix you’ll find a selection of the Top 100 tracks in Hard Dance at the moment (as rated on BeatPort) and to break all those Hard Dance virgins in gently, it focuses on tracks that are a little “lighter” with plenty of kick and includes a few samples you’ll recognise from more mainstream stuff.

What are you waiting for, go stomp…