Hard Dance

As if March 31st wasn’t already going to be busy with the Addictive Dogghouse Xtreme Back to Back special night over at EX4 in Exeter, our very own Robbie Dogg will be playing a set at the very special 9th Birthday event of Premonition in Plymouth.

You’ll find him at C103 (Club 103, Union Street, Plymouth) alongside killers in Hardstyle such as Kutski, Alex Kidd and Slideout.

So, if you can’t make it to the Xtreme night in Exeter and are in the Plymouth area, get down to C103 and join us in Room 2 where some lovely stomping Hard Dance, Hardstyle and Hardcore will be found.

Our next event is on 31st March 2012, from our Xtreme from Addictive Dogghouse stable. Featuring plenty of thumping basslines.

NEW VENUE: If you’re coming along, make sure you turn up at EX4 – just around the corner from Mosaic, the Golden Horn and Rococos!

The Xtreme night is not only Xtreme but also a Back2Back special and features…

Fracus and Darwin

Entity B2B 3Sixty

Burn B2B Fallon

Clarkey B2B DJX

Tantrum B2B DigiTek

…plus Yoshimitsu & The Rail as well as Oxside

It’s not to be missed and it’s going to be one killer night in our sparkling new venue, so whatever you do, don’t miss it!

Feeling a little lost without something to stomp to during the week? Wondered what Hard Dance is like? Fear not – in this mix you’ll find a selection of the Top 100 tracks in Hard Dance at the moment (as rated on BeatPort) and to break all those Hard Dance virgins in gently, it focuses on tracks that are a little “lighter” with plenty of kick and includes a few samples you’ll recognise from more mainstream stuff.

What are you waiting for, go stomp…

Want something to STOMP about on BOXING DAY?

Given the choice of listening to your relatives boring stories about when they were kids, sitting opening presents you never wanted anyhow (yeah, the thought does count…) and getting out, having a good old stomp and a few drinks with your friends, which makes most sense?

Unless you’re some sort of freak of nature then, you’ll be wanting to come along to the BOXING DAY BASH (that is the 26th December for the clueless) where you’ll find some of our finest Local DJs spinning (OK, clicking…) through some excellent music to get you stomping.

All you need to do is get to the HOLE IN THE WALL in EXETER – one of the few places that will be open so it makes sense to be there!

If our CHRISTMAS STOMP with JOEY RIOT and BOXING DAY BASH events STILL aren’t enough for you, then you’ll be pretty happy to see what’s next!

We’re VERY pleased to announce that we’ll be supporting the first ever NOIZE ARTISTS event at EXETER PHOENIX on Friday January 27th 2012. For the launch party for the Hard Electrik Album the brilliant dudes at Noize Events have pulled together some of the finest DJs out at the moment.

NOIZE EVENTS Main Room Line Up ………

Lisa Lashes
Scott Attrill
DJ Phil York
Leon ‘Leon B’ Baldry
Nick The Kid
Joe Rogers
Rob Friction

Room 2 line up for Noize Events (The ADDICTIVE DOGGHOUSE Room)…..

Dan Kelly – Electrik Shandy honcho
Jordan Duke – Riot! Records wonder kid
Kaotix – Stoke’s finest & Hard Dance future stars (Addict Artist Management)
Robbie Dogg – Dogg House Promotions honcho
Tek-Tonic – Hindsight Resident
D.V.S (formerly of the Fusion Project)

…and there is PLENTY more to come yet!

DO NOT miss this one!

To celebrate the start of Christmas, we’ve got a special treat lined up. In partnership with Dogghouse, Addictive Vibe is proud to present our first GOES EXTREME… Event which will be headlined by none other than JOEY RIOT!

On 10th December 2011, at the Hole In The Wall (Exeter) you’ll be treated to a night of stomping tunes with our usual line up of top local DJs and our special guests. So why not just forget the Christmas Shopping idea (they invented Amazon Delivery for that…) and get your stomp on instead?

If you have no idea who he is, where exactly have you been – His first record was released in 2005 and since then his meteoric rise has been unstoppable. He has had over 150 tracks released on a plethora of labels in the hardcore and hard dance scenes including his and Kurt’s Lethal Theory, Quosh, Next Generation, Maximum Impact, Ourstyle and Awsum to name a few.

He has featured on nearly every major Hardcore Compilation since 2005 and has mixed two TV advertised albums, Hardcore Heaven 4 & Hardcore Nation 2009 along with other independent albums.

Joey, alongside DJ Kurt started Lethal Theory Records in 2007 and in 2 short years they had won the “Best Label” award at the Hardcore awards in 2009. In 2006 he won the “Best Breakthrough DJ” award and in 2007 He & Kurt’s Lethal Theory Live show won “Best live act”. In 2009 he came 3rd in the best DJ category and 2nd in the best producer category and in 2010 Lethal Theory won “Best Label” again for the 2nd year running and Joey won “Best Hardcore Techno DJ”. He also moved up a place from 3rd to 2nd in the “Best DJ” catagory, continuing in his rise to the top. The multi award winning DJ & Producer has remixed and been remixed by some of the biggest artists in dance music today including Darren Styles, Cascada, Dougal & Gammer, Ferry Corsten, Sy & Unknown, BBE and many, many more.

Tickets are £5 on the door, and all the usual stuff applies – ID required, ROAR…

In case you had forgotten somehow, don’t forget anymore. Just remember that this Saturday at the Hole in the Wall in Exete we have none other than:


Yes, that’s right, we said ORGAN DONORS spinning up some Hard Dance. That’s not all – we also have a cracking line up of our Devon DJs including:

– Digitek
– Rezonate
– Postie
– D.V.S
– Leon B
– Aggey, Jammer and Benny P

So honestly, you have absolutely nothing to lose – just get to the Hole in the Wall, hand over £7 (a snip I tell you), and enjoy a night of thumping, stomping basslines. And we promise, you won’t hear any Vengaboys. There’s a guarantee worth £7 on its own.


If you have been to any of our recent events, you’ll know that POSTIE is one of our frequent local line up, throwing some awesome tunes on the more traditional Technics 1210 Vinyl Decks (which for the younger stomper will be those big discs we used to use before your new fangled CDs turned up…)

Being the nice guy that he is, he’ll be spinning some of his Old Skool tunes down at the Chevalier (Wetherspoons/Lloyds Pub) in EXETER on 27th September. What more could you ask for except CHEAP drinks and GREAT tunes. Hard Dance mid-week, damn right, so get your stomp on!

If you missed our most recent Hard Dance night in Exeter with the legendary Phil York, then you will be in no mood to miss our next event. No less than the ORGAN DONORS – along with our local support which includes our biggest ever line up – with such names (in no particular order…):

– Digitek
– Rezonate
– Aggey, Jammer & Benny P (with a special 3 way mix)
– Postie
– James Brown
– D.V.S
– Leon B
– 3Sixty & Fix
– Robbie Dogg

It is going to be a big night (and definately big for the sleepy city of Exeter)!

Tickets are on sale NOW – with discounts for early & advance purchases — you will have to pay £7 on the door if you haven’t booked in advance.


Hey folks – if you haven’t already stuck it in your diary, we’re hosting a great night of DJs and Hard Dance on 10th September at Exeter’s Hole In the Wall – right next to Timepiece (seriously, don’t go there!).

It is promising to be a great night, so make sure you’re there.