Drum and Bass

So the format is pretty simple on this one, you turn up on 20th August, you head downstairs at the Hole in the Wall in Exeter to Groundbreakerz Night Club, and there will be plenty of thumping Drum and Bass. Entry is free, all you need to do is buy drinks, all of which are £2.50.

Music: Drum and Bass.
DJs: Maccy and guests

Did we mention entry is free?

Summer Sound is done! 2 Nights, 2 Floors and lots of loud thumping music. Frankly we’re amazed the system on the top floor held out – it was certainly a little toasty as the bass was absolutely hammering along. Big hitters like Cally Gage, BK and others joined the more resident DJ likes of Robbie Dogg, Tiny, Postie and Oxside and blew the rooms out! If it wasn’t for the heat in the building it would have been just perfect!

Photos will be up soon, and in the meanwhile there are more events to come, so don’t forget to have that STOMP ON.