Want something to STOMP about on BOXING DAY?

Given the choice of listening to your relatives boring stories about when they were kids, sitting opening presents you never wanted anyhow (yeah, the thought does count…) and getting out, having a good old stomp and a few drinks with your friends, which makes most sense?

Unless you’re some sort of freak of nature then, you’ll be wanting to come along to the BOXING DAY BASH (that is the 26th December for the clueless) where you’ll find some of our finest Local DJs spinning (OK, clicking…) through some excellent music to get you stomping.

All you need to do is get to the HOLE IN THE WALL in EXETER – one of the few places that will be open so it makes sense to be there!

In case you had forgotten somehow, don’t forget anymore. Just remember that this Saturday at the Hole in the Wall in Exete we have none other than:


Yes, that’s right, we said ORGAN DONORS spinning up some Hard Dance. That’s not all – we also have a cracking line up of our Devon DJs including:

– Digitek
– Rezonate
– Postie
– D.V.S
– Leon B
– Aggey, Jammer and Benny P

So honestly, you have absolutely nothing to lose – just get to the Hole in the Wall, hand over £7 (a snip I tell you), and enjoy a night of thumping, stomping basslines. And we promise, you won’t hear any Vengaboys. There’s a guarantee worth £7 on its own.


If you have been to any of our recent events, you’ll know that POSTIE is one of our frequent local line up, throwing some awesome tunes on the more traditional Technics 1210 Vinyl Decks (which for the younger stomper will be those big discs we used to use before your new fangled CDs turned up…)

Being the nice guy that he is, he’ll be spinning some of his Old Skool tunes down at the Chevalier (Wetherspoons/Lloyds Pub) in EXETER on 27th September. What more could you ask for except CHEAP drinks and GREAT tunes. Hard Dance mid-week, damn right, so get your stomp on!

If you missed our most recent Hard Dance night in Exeter with the legendary Phil York, then you will be in no mood to miss our next event. No less than the ORGAN DONORS – along with our local support which includes our biggest ever line up – with such names (in no particular order…):

– Digitek
– Rezonate
– Aggey, Jammer & Benny P (with a special 3 way mix)
– Postie
– James Brown
– D.V.S
– Leon B
– 3Sixty & Fix
– Robbie Dogg

It is going to be a big night (and definately big for the sleepy city of Exeter)!

Tickets are on sale NOW – with discounts for early & advance purchases — you will have to pay £7 on the door if you haven’t booked in advance.


Presenting in Exeter the Hard Dance DJ, Phil York. One night only, at Hole in the Wall
(The pub right next to that awful club Timepiece, you don’t wanna go there!)
With summer on the way out, the dark nights drawing in, and the temperature falling faster than you can say “Only £5 so be there”, DOGGHOUSE & ADDICTIVE VIBE brings you a cheap night out with some quality thumping bass. You’d have to be mad (or stupid) to miss it.
A master of all trades, a jack of none, when it comes to hard dance Phil York is running things right now. Producer of recent innovative anthems like ‘Don’t Panic’ and ‘Antivirus’, a globe-trotting DJ, label owner of hard trance standard setter Tranzlation and promoter of Scotland’s number one hard dance night Nuklear Puppy, everything Phil is touching right now is firing on all cylinders and his DJ diary is perfect proof. Northern trailblazers Good Greef, the scene dominating Tidy Weekenders, London’s leader Frantic, Storm and the Escape in the park festival are all stamped in his ’08 diary with debut tours of Argentina, Brazil & Norway adding to returns of his familiar stomping grounds Canada, U.S.A., Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Over the past year, Germany’s massive Q-Base festival, Coloursfest, Escape, Slinky, Bionic, Parlez- Vous and Freeformation are others that have benefited from Phil’s unique party starting touch.Put simply, if there’s a stomping sound that’s makes people move then Phil’s got it licked.  And then some.

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Summer Sound is done! 2 Nights, 2 Floors and lots of loud thumping music. Frankly we’re amazed the system on the top floor held out – it was certainly a little toasty as the bass was absolutely hammering along. Big hitters like Cally Gage, BK and others joined the more resident DJ likes of Robbie Dogg, Tiny, Postie and Oxside and blew the rooms out! If it wasn’t for the heat in the building it would have been just perfect!

Photos will be up soon, and in the meanwhile there are more events to come, so don’t forget to have that STOMP ON.