What is this “Addictive Dogghouse” all about?

If you’ve been to any of our events in 2011, you’ll have noticed that most of our events are run by “Addictive Vibe and Dogghouse Promotions” – which is all well and good but it is a bit tricky to say, so from now on, whenever we’re working on a joint event, you’ll see us listed as “Addictive Dogghouse”

In 2012, you’ll start to see more and more events branded this way – and since we’re getting ever busier, we’ll be making it easier to see what type of music you can expect at each event too.

XTREME will be where you’ll find our Hardcore Nights

PURE is where we really began – with Hard Dance and Trance

NU BREED will be where we showcase up and coming new talent

and last, but not least, Addictive Dogghouse er, HOUSE (OK OK, we’re working on a name!) – but as you’ve guessed it’ll have the best of House & Tech.