Addictive Vibe is about Music. Everything we do is about Music, Performance and Feeling The Vibe. Whether its a live music gig, a CD you’re listening to in your car or Open Mike Night at your local. It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in Drum & Bass or Happy Clappy Pop, Addictive Vibe is there.

Addictive Vibe exists to:

(a) Promote Live Music Events (Gigs, Club Nights etc)

(b) Sponsor, Fund and Make Events Happen

(c) Develop new Music and help DJs and Remixes to become real

Our founder, Vincent Paul Wilton heads up everything we do, and our “home” is in Exeter, Devon – ultimately we are where the music goes. If you’ve got a project that involves music, and you think we can help, contact us and see if we can help.

You can contact us:
on Twitter:
on Facebook:
call Vince on: 07879 844511


We’re still pretty new and right now most of what we do is still in our local area, but if you want to get involved with us and help us expand, we’d love to hear from you. All we really ask is that you’re passionate about music.

Just one more thing: You may see us in tandem with other brands, such as “Dogghouse Promotions” – that’s because we’re involved in co-promoting events, so if you see us mentioned alongside others that’s why.